What is Visceral Manipulation?

French osteopath Jean Pierre Barral's clinical work with the viscera (organs) led to the development of a specific form of manual medicine: visceral manipulation (VM).

All of our organs are suspended within the musculoskeletal system via specific fascial connections. Visceral osteopaths recognise this relationship and use their palpatory skills to assess the motion of the viscera and its fascial attachments. Gentle techniques are then applied to release any tension present.

Visceral manipulation and Osteopathy

Visceral manipulation is a specific technique used to fascial attachments from your viscera. Your osteopaths at Eastern Osteopathy Melbourne will apply visceral manipulation along with their osteopathic principles and philosophy. We will continue to assess and diagnose each individual patient and develop a treatment plan accordingly.

All our osteopaths have been using visceral manipulation as part of their holistic osteopathic practice for many years.  Dr Kathryn Johns and Dr Elizabeth Johns have both completed numerous courses in the areas of obstetrics and gynecology, respiration and GUT.

Kate and Liz have both worked alongside naturopaths and acupuncturists, assisting with numerous visceral conditions including gynecological issues (period pain), gastrointestinal imbalances (IBS and colitis) and respiratory complaints (asthma, adhesion post-pneumonia). 

With Kathryn’s years of experience in the area of visceral osteopathy she was asked to lecture on this topic at Victoria University, Melbourne.

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