What training do Osteopaths have?

In Australia, Osteopaths are Government registered practitioners who have completed five years, full-time university training. Our training covers Osteopathic philosophy and technique, anatomy, physiology, pathology and general medical and orthopaedic diagnosis.

Osteopaths are primary care practitioners and are trained to recognise conditions that require medical referral.

Our Osteopaths at Eastern Osteopathy Melbourne regularly undergo further professional development and post graduate study.

Do I need a referral to see an Osteopath?

You can make an appointment without a referral. Although many of our patients have, in the first instance, been referred to us by a medical practitioner, other health professionals or their personal trainers

Do you accept Workers Compensation referrals?

Yes. The osteopaths at Eastern Osteopathy are recognised to treat work cover injuries. However, it will be necessary to bring the following documentation to your initial consultation:

  1. A letter from your insurance company, stating your claim has been accepted; and

  2. Your claim number and the address of the insurance company, details of which may already be contained in the above letter

Once we have this information, the clinic can then bill the insurance company directly on your behalf.

Disclaimer: Please note that in the event of cancellation or withdrawal by the insurer, any outstanding fees will be the patient’s responsibility.

Is osteopathy available on Medicare?

Osteopathy is only covered by Medicare if you are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan. EPC plans are approved by your GP. Please consult your GP to determine your eligibility.

Are Osteopathic treatments covered by Private Health Insurance?

Most private health insurance funds provide rebates for osteopathic treatment. Your rebate is determined by the level of cover you have with your health insurance provider including any ancillary cover. You should check with your provider before commencing any treatment so as to be fully aware of rebate entitlements.

Both our clinics are equipped with Hicaps facilities, which allow you to claim your private health rebate at the time of your consultation.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a gentle form of health care that uses hands on techniques to diagnose and treat structural and biomechanical dysfunctions in the body. As osteopaths we utilize a range of techniques to help support the body’s self-healing mechanism to improve joint mobility, reduce ligamentous and muscular strain and restore overall health and balance. For more information please refer to our section on ‘What is osteopathy?’

Is osteopathy suitable for babies and children?

Absolutely. Cranial osteopathy is a gentle form of treatment that can be used to treat people of all ages, but is particularly suited to treating babies and children. All of our osteopaths have completed a number of postgraduate courses on the treatment of babies and children. For more information please refer to our section on ‘Osteopathy and babies and children’

Is osteopathy suitable during pregnancy?

Definitely. Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy can help relieve a variety of symptoms. Our osteopaths at Eastern Osteopathy have all completed extensive post graduate study in the diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women and are particularly passionate about supporting women through pregnancy. For more information please refer to our section on ‘Osteopathy and pregnancy’

What should I wear to my osteopathic appointment?

Wearing something comfortable and loose is ideal and will make our job that much easier

What should I bring?

Please bring any current or relevant Xrays, scans or medical reports. If your child is having a treatment, please bring their blue book and a favorite toy or book to help keep them entertained.

Do you have EFTPOS facilities?

Yes, both our locations have EFTPOS facilities; we also accept VISA and Mastercard. Payment by cash or cheque is also welcome.

Do you have Hicaps?

Yes both our locations have Hicaps facilities, so you can claim your private health rebate when at the time of your appointment.

Where are you located?

For your convenience we have two handy locations:

Hawthorn : Level one, 259a Auburn Rd. (we are located within the beautiful space at Kula Yoga)

Kew: 1/134 Highs Street, Kew.

Where can I park?

Hawthorn : There is ample 1-2 hour parking available within the surrounding streets.

Kew:  Fenton Ave; there is a large 2h car park on Fenton Ave. 1 hour parking across the road on High Street

Do you have a cancellation policy?

At least 24 hours would be appreciated to cancel or change an appointment time. When we agree on an appointment we make a commitment to set aside time for one another. If you do not show up it does not alter our commitment and the time we have set aside for you. We reserve the right to invoice you for any missed appointments or when no notice or insufficient notice is received. Similarly we undertake to give 24 hours notice should we need to reschedule an appointment with you

How do I make an appointment?

The easiest way to make an appointment is to use the bookings button throughout the website and make an appointment using our online booking system. Alternatively, you can call the clinic to make an appointment on 03 90420407.

If you would like further information please call (03) 9042 0407 to speak to one of our osteopaths.